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Valdoviño, land of two seas.

The municipality of Valdoviño is located at the northwest from Galicia, near from Ferrol. The limits of Valdoviño are Cedeira (North), Narón (South), Cerdido and San Sadurniño (West) and Atlantic Ocean (East). It coast is between Prior Cape and Candieira Point.

Valdoviño district council.

The beaches are the main heritage of Valdoviño. We have 25 kilometers of coastline with a very varied offer. From our most famous beaches to the hidden ones between cliffs. We have the perfect contrast between white sand and rocks. Championship waves or quiet sea? Enjoy both at our beaches.

*A Frouxeira beach – 1969 and now

Valdoviño offers a great variety of soft landscapes. It is divided in eight parroquias.

Parroquia de Lago
Parroquia de Loira
Parroquia de Meirás
Parroquia de Pantín
Parroquia de Sequeiro
Parroquia de Valdoviño
Parroquia de Vilaboa
Parroquia de Vilarrube

A. G. 15 JUNE 2019

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Valdoviño, surf spot.

Quality, variety and frequent tides make valdoviño the perfect surfing destination.

Beaches, walking routes and breathtaking viewpoints.

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Valdoviño offers a great variety of soft landscapes. It is divided in eight parroquias.


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