Why Pantín?

After many years, there are many components for the success of the Pantin Classic. The organizers offered a key in the official magazine of the 2010 edition: Why Pantín?

Certainly more than one has ever asked. Why in Pantin? Having other beaches best connected, most popular, with more infrastructure, including best waves, why try to organize a world surfing circuit in Pantin?

The original idea was born 23 30 years ago when the surf was a little creature growing in our community. In 1987 there wasn't club or surf shop and neither a championship related to our sport. With the idea to fill this gap were born almost in unison Ocean Surf Club (club organizer of the challenge during their first 20 editions), the store Aquasurf and the Pantin Classic. Pantin Classic was born with a challenge: organize an event that could equate that then existed in France, California, Australia or Hawaii. Waves and not lacking enthusiasm.

Among all the beaches were chosen Pantín by a number of reasons that have proven time as key to the championship has been held successfully in the previous 22 29 editions.

Pantin is the beach of the coast, with Campelo, where the waves come in a more direct, and therefore the place where normally has larger waves, very important factor especially when the sea is off. Despite being the beach where the sea enters harder, Pantin is a beach with big waves breaking in an orderly and surfable series up to 5 meters, something unthinkable in the other beaches.

The channel right of the beach allows access to the surf zone quickly. Therefore Pantín supports both large and smaller waves. In fact, the judge chief of the ASP said in Pantin championships have been held with the biggest waves and smaller waves in the history of professional surfing in Europe.

The shape and slope of the funds also gives us good waves at low tide and at high tide, allowing the development of the championship in any tidal condition without having to move the infrastructure to another location. This allows to develop a championship under normal conditions during all hours of daylight.

Last but not least, the infrastructure that has been created over the years on the beach, allows organize a championship of this category with a reasonable cost.

The arrangement of the natural hill that overlooks the beach creates a step close enough to the sea for a good number of spectators can enjoy the championship.

In 22 30 years the waves have never missed the appointment of Pantin. That's the best guarantee that a beach can offer to a surfing contest.